The Who's Who of Ruthless People, or
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
The Bad

Eric Alterman
    The Nation Magazine

Thomas Anderle, Judge, Santa Barbara
   In the Anderle court you get what you pay for.  

Sidney Blumenthal
   Capo for the Clintons

Timothy Buynak, Esq.
    Attorney for Green Hills Software, Inc. 

David Chandler 
   Senior VP - Green Hills Software, Inc.

Dick Cheney
   Halliburton - Vice President Number One on John Fund's speed dial!  (Or he was in 2002 when Cheney was still shooting Billionaires.)

William (Bill) Clinton
  Former U. S. President, Hillary's partner

Hillary Rodham Clinton
  Former First Lady, Former Senator, former candidate for president

Michele Davis
  Department of the Treasury, cordial acquaintance of John Fund's who was placed to grab back the checks he handed to Morgan.

John B. Douglas, III
    Jack fit in perfectly at GHS; his interests were similar and he benefited enormously from a culture which recognized he was dedicated to his avocational pursuits.

Matt Drudge
     Matt knew the weather, not politics.  On November 22, 2001 Fund had IMed with Matt and then wandered off to bed, leaving Morgan to use her computer.  Matt came back.  IMing

Michael Emerling Cloud
     Michael has always been a con-artist who viewed the LP as a reliable cash cow.  I knew more about his life than he wanted through Tamara Clark and his former wife, who is a close friend of mine.  

Fox News 
    The Gossip Column which is also a multi-use tool for the NeCons

Dr. Carl Franklin
   Former double vice-president for the University of Southern California and Craig's deceased father.

Craig Franklin 
  Senior Vice President, Green Hills Software, Inc., and original co-conspirator in the, "Throw Momma from the Trail," Strategy with Dan O'Dowd.   More History

Scott Franklin
   Son of Craig Franklin, now serving time for attempting to have his wife murdered.  

Sterling Franklin
   Brother of Craig Franklin, an attorney

John Fund 
   Formerly on the Editorial Board of the WSJ

Gene Gaudette
  Editor, American Political Journal, Blumenthal Agent
   Gene's Page at Ruthless People

Jay E. Gell
Free-lance Agent, recruited for service above and beyond the call of duty through family connections to Rove, paid to contain Morgan by impregnation and marriage, if necessary

Morgan Pillsbury Gell
  Psychopathic natural daughter of Melinda. Head of the Minion Attack Group

Green Hills Software, Inc.
   Corporations are not people, you know. 

Gail Hariot
  Professor of Law in San Diego.  Lover, NeoCon and friend of John Fund, who put up the  Co-conspirator through Fund.  

Robert Hull
   Director of Tax at Green Hills Software, Inc., Original member of the "Throw Mamma from the Train," Conspiracy.

Saddam Hussein
   An operative placed by the CIA as the dictator of Iraq, then used as the fall guy to start the War on Iraq for Big Oil.

David Kleidermacher
  Vice President, Green Hills Software, Inc. - Original member of the "Throw Mamma from the Train," Conspiracy.

Carl Limbacher
    Carl Limbacher is a cipher who lacks even a bio.  Is it possible that the Carl Limbacher is really John Fund?  

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester
  Con-man now serving time in the Nevada prison system.  Recruited into the conspiracy in 2011.  

Laura, Duchess of Manchester
​  Wife of Alexander, back to her old ways.  

Wendy McElroy
   The article she wrote, the evasions, and continuing trauma she caused.  John called to ask her to write the article.

Carol Divine Molin
   John Fund told her she got to swallow

Jacqueline Misho, Attorney-at-Law
    Misho was Craig Franklin's attorney during the Franklin - Pillsbury-Foster divorce in 1998 - 1999.  She also preformed other services for Franklin.

The Nation Magazine
   The Nation is a publication of long history.  Perhaps sometime in the past it was dedicated to providing its readers with the facts.  No more.  Their fact checking is dead.

The New York Post - Page Six
    Gossip for Profit -  Richard Johnson and Doug Deschert

Dan O'Dowd
  One of the three partners who founded Green Hills Software, Inc., in 1982.  Successfully stole the company from the funder, Glenn Hightower with the cooperation of Craig Franklin with the "Throw Momma from the Train," Strategy.  

Morgan Pillsbury Gell
   A psychopath with a life strategy.

Christine Reis Hall
  ChrissyAn employee of the Christian Broadcasting Network makes overt offers of assistance and support to John Fund.

Ilene Proctor
   In the scheme of things Ilene was likely just struggling for enough money to keep afloat.  

Katherine Rosman
   Eric Alterman's 'Arm Candy'

Karl Rove
    One of John Fund's best friends.  

Rayelan Smith
    Rumor Mill News - The Princess of Obergon

   Who are these people and news organizations?  These are the folks who brought you the War on Iraq, and related scams, and think nothing of lying as long as they get what they want.  We probably do not have all of them.  Please add to the  list of individuals and organizations mentioned on this site.  

   Some were deluded, some confused.  And then, there are the NeoCons, who are mostly psychopathic to one degree or another.  And some people played minor parts in events but are included because those parts were important.Notice this is my opinion and I am not a credentialed expert.  However, I have a lot of experience, so use your own judgment and get in touch if you have more information.
The Good

Dean Ahmad 
  Astrophysicist - Founder, Minaret of Freedom

Eric Buchanan
  Met Morgan on Free Republic - Activist - They kicked him off.  Eric also was a witness to Fund abusing Morgan and wrote a statement on this.

John Connelly
  Connolly - John talked Morgan into helping with his article.  This was not good, but I think his purposes were honest and certainly outing John Fund for what he really is was good in many ways.  Sex, Lies & The Tape - The John Fund Story 

Ayn Cracian 
  Daughter of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Brock d'Avignon
   Originator of PhoneVoter and Percentage-As-You-Earn (PAYE)  Finance & Finansurance

Anne Fisher
    Anne first contacted me in 2003 when her romance with Craig was going hot.  She wanted to know what happened.  I told her.  

Arthur Edward Foster 
  Son of Craig Franklin,  disabled at age 19, now 41.  Melinda has been his caretaker since September 27, 1997.  
Medical Records 
He is still fighting for recovery.  Arthur Site

Lloyd Grove
   Grove wrote an article on the ongoing fiasco which figures in the time line.  

Glenn Hightower
   Senior Partner, VC, Green Hills Software, Inc.

Mark Crispin Miller 
   The only journalist willing to confront Eric Alterman.  Alterman retreated, babbling.   

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
   Personal Site and Documents