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August 5, 1972

July 29, 2009


Attempted murder and solic. to commit murder

​Sacramento, CA


Messianic Jewish Christian


220 lbs

Women only




Romance, friendship, legal help

Jonathan Scott Franklin was manipulated from the time he was a small child by his father, Craig Franklin. Craig used him as a weapon against his first wife, Elaine Brown, now deceased.  The lies told about Elaine were similar to those which Craig would use to attack the life and reputation of his second wife, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster. 

Dr. and Mrs. Carl Franklin, Craig parents, and Elaine's parents had to insist Craig stop attacking his estranged wife.  There was no doubt who was responsible for a divorce that nearly destroyed both of them financially.  Craig used his visitation with Scott to alienate his son from his mother.  Elaine had warned Craig she would leave him if he left her alone in Massachusetts while he returned to school at Stanford while she was pregnant with their baby.   

When Scott was about 14 he beat his mother and stole a ride on a plane from Massachusetts, where he lived with his mother, to Chicago, to reach his father.  There, he nearly died of lack of treatment for his diabetes.  Scott never lived with his mother again, going to live with Craig and Melinda.   

Called Scott by the family, Craig's eldest son was sold the idea both by Craig and other male members of the Franklin Clan that the males of the family were special and immune from justice or retribution.  This had been true for most of his life before he decided to have his wife murdered.  Scott continued to believe this. On the evidence, it appeared to be true.  While Melinda and Craig were on their Honeymoon in Italy Scott had attempted to strangle Morgan and been stopped only when Dawn, then 14, grabbed his privates and twisted.  Scott was outraged and unrepentant.  

Dr. Carl Franklin, his grandfather was the source of the assertion Franklin men could do what they wanted without apology.  Dr. Franklin, a double vice-resident at USC, went to the home immediately after the assault, failed to even reproach Scott, and told the frightened children and their caretaker he would quash any chargesmade against his grandson.  He made it clear he had the power to do so.  

With a specialty in probate, no attorney practicing in the United States was more aware that any individuals Last Will and Testament must be honored and carried out.  According to Dr. Franklin's own secretary, Dr. Franklin burned his deceased wife's will and kept the property intended for his own daughter, Priscilla Franklin.  

Dr. Carl Franklin was the source of the arrogance and dishonesty which impacted his family, destroying their values and producing a viciousness which was carefully concealed.  

As a Vice-President of USC Dr. Franklin raised $100,000,000 for the University by persuading parents to disinherit their own children and instead increase the endowment of an institution. 

By so doing, he ratified the same lies Scott was hearing from Craig.  Each is an instance of acculturating children in ways which refute the values of accountability, honesty, and decency.   Scott was responsible for his choices, but so are those who taught him those choices were acceptable.   

Romance, friendship, legal help

Hello. After countless clicking on profiles, stop here. 

My philosophy of life is being Adventerous, Brave, and Courageous. From there, I've gained priceless experiences and hard-learned lessons. 

I focus my days on important activities like reading, learning, listening to music, laughing, enjoying time with good friends, and making new friends. During my downtime, I work on prison advocacy. 

Although currently locked up, I'm working to return to court, prove my innocence, and receive an exoneration. 

In summer, I enjoy camping, fishing, and stargazing. I relax with sci-fi books, TV shows, and movies. For getaways, I spend nights out dancing, days at the beach, or weekends skiing. I'm a born and bred New England fan, Go PATS! I travel the world, build computers from scratch, but still require a recipe to cook. 

I'd like someone who expands my knowledge about different people, cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives, wants to become friends, and see what develops. I'm open minded and have no expectations. However, I'm curious if Billy Crystal was correct that men and women can never truly become friends. LOL. 

Finally, my wonderful children, Allison and David, are my love, life, and reason for living. Sheep, Tiger, Big Hugs, Big Kisses, Always!

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Scott Today

Scott got in touch with Melinda via email.  Here is his two communications and then her response. 

(From Scott)
As you see, my uncle and father are no longer helping me with my defense and appeals, so I am seeking anyone who is willing to help me - I was framed I tell you. I did want her dead and I did attempt to hire a hit man online, however, I'm a Franklin and Franklin's can get away with anything and everything. I just don't understand what went wrong here. I'm not the bad guy, she is the one who is the bad guy. Why am I the one locked up. It was entrapment!!! I was set up. I love my chldren. I never would have harmed them. It was her I wanted dead, and her boyfriend too! on The Mysterious Photo Which Arrived in My Email Box

(From Scott)
Do you promise to go all the way? Do you like the exclamation point after my name! The Franklin way... I like to put my kids names out there, since I'm so far far away from them. Maybe another woman who writes to prisoners will pay them a visit? I'm sure she would be a great 2nd mom to them. After all, I am willing to stand and fight what's right, true, ethical and just. Even though, I did sort of screw up and try to murder my wife and mother of my 2 children, who I do love dearly. I just wanted their mother to die. I am so sorry I got caught! If I had gotten away with her murder my two beloved children would have been all mine and my prison pen pals would have been helpful, I'm sure giving them the kind of life, only a 3rd world traveler can have. I should not have mention my imbreeding, I mean... my breeding. This may not have been such a great idea. My father was accused of rape, several times and he beat his ex wife many times and my mother despised him. But we won't on The Mysterious Photo Which Arrived in My Email Box

Melinda's response

Booking Shot