Eric Alterman 

Eric Alterman's credentials would be impressive if he actually following the guidelines laid out for journalism.  He does not and I, to my surprise, experienced this conscienceless behavior in 2002 , 2003, and by being libeled in the book Alterman wrote with Joseph S. Nye, Andrei Cherny, titled, "What Liberal Media?: The Truth about Bias and the News."

Alterman never contacted me to ascertain if what he wrote about me was true.  It was not.  In fact, it was easily disproved by the evidence which was then available to him.  Alterman stated in "What Liberal Media?", co-authored with Joseph S. Nye and Andrei Cherny outrageous untruths about me.  None of the three authors checked with me to see if the statements made by John Fund were true.  Alterman violated the rules set out by the Society of Professional Journalists.  Clearly, this does not matter to many of  those writing for various outlets either on the Left or the Right.

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