Dr. Carl Franklin
It is fascinating to hear Dr. Franklin talk about his family and their lives in California.  But sometimes what is said for publication deviates widely from what is said privately to family, and acted out in these areas which are so much harder to access by the public.  

I was never positively impressed by the essential humanity, decency or honor of Dr. Franklin and his wife.  The passage of years confirmed this first impression and getting to know others who heard the same stories related to me by Craig Franklin, for over ten years my husband, did not  change this initial impression.  

At some time in the near future I will be putting up the letters Dr. Franklin wrote to his children about his fundraising for USC, allowing you, the reader to come to your own conclusions on the issue of how Dr. Franklin handled this part of his professional life.  

At to how Dr. Franklin and his wife raised their family, well, it was not a happy experience for Craig or Sterling, or, given the evidence, gave rise to a family life filled with kindness, encouragement, or love, despite Dr. and Mrs. Franklin's assertions and representations while they lived.  

Dr. Franklin's story on how he got involved in management at USC
The Defining Moment

In 1989 my husband, Craig Franklin and I went on a 'honeymoon' he demanded I plan as part of the Wedding he also demanded we have to celebrate our marriage, which had taken place two years previously.  That is another story.  
   But this is why he and I were in Italy, just starting our holiday, when we were called about the eruption of a problem at home.  Scott, which is what we all called Jonathan Scott Franklin, Craig's oldest son, who lived with us, had assaulted Morgan, my natural daughter who my parents had adopted when she was 12. 
    All of those present agreed on what had happened and reported Dr. Franklin's actions in the same terms because these calloused and illegal actions also shocked them. 
      Morgan was tasked to make sure chores were done.  Since we had a cleaner this was not onerous for any of the kids.  But Scott had been permitted to get his own cat and the animal had defecated on the rug outside of one of the bedrooms and Morgan stepped in it as the animal scampered away, having relieved itself.  
        After cleaning off her foot, Morgan found Scott, informed him of his pet's deed and asked him to clean it up.  Scott objected with multiple justifications and excuses, but Morgan persisted.  Scott, though still not of adult years, being 16 at the time, was much larger than Morgan.  Losing his temper, never slow to do so, he grabbed Morgan by the neck and started strangling her.  
       Hearing the ruckus, Ayn and Dawn emerged calling to Scott to stop.  Scott persisted in his attack.  Dawn went over to the two,  grabbed Scott by the balls and twisted, ending the attack.   
​          The evidence of the cat poop remained in place.  Since the other cats were well-trained, no one familiar with the household doubted the pile's origin.
           Comments, complaints and other verbal irrelevancies filled the air, but violence had been ended.  Someone called Dr. Franklin, who all of the children thought of as Grandpa.  Arriving forthwith, Dr. Franklin rejected the idea there was anything inappropriate about Scott assaulting Morgan.  Scott was, after all, a Franklin man, and so could do as he wished.  Since Morgan was still breathing no further action was required.  One has to wonder what actions Dr. Franklin would have allowed if Morgan had been dead.  Ayn and Dawn, and also Morgan, strongly disagreed with Dr. Franklin.  
            They had experienced multiple incidents with Scott which made them uneasy. They felt action was necessary.  Scott chose this juncture to steal the car and leave.  The police were called because, I understand, Dr. Franklin thought taking the car could cause injury to Scott.  The girls wanted the police called because they were afraid Scott would return and again assault Morgan or one of them.  
           Dr. Franklin again explained that Franklin men could so what they wanted and so the matter should focus on Scott's safety.  

Short commentary by Melinda 

          Craig expressed to me once the theory that somehow Franklin men were privileged beyond all of humanity to have what they want.  At first, I thought this was a joke and waited for him to laugh.  He didn't.  This gave rise to a discussion of the rationalization for this 'belief.'  Craig cited his father, Dr. Franklin, as the source.  This is why Dr. Carl Franklin of USC is today, despite the fact he is long-dead, here on the list. To have a cited legal expert express the opinion his male relatives, specifically his sons and grandsons, were effectively above the law was not particularly funny.  Since it is clearly Dr. Franklin who at least most recently asserted this clear falsehood it should be publicly known.  Note that I have not seen these kind of actions from Craig's brothers, Sterling and Larry.  This 'legal theory' must be expunged. 

See entry for Jonathan Scott Franklin.  I'm going to write up the full story of my dialog with Craig for an article.  It is too good not to use.