Carol Divine Molin

Fund's encounter with Carol Divine Molin, an active Republican and member of  The National Federation of Republican Women outraged her.  Evidently, this began after Fund appeared as a speaker for a local Republican group in her area of New York.  The two are reported to have gone to Molin's home to talk and engage in adult activities.  

Fund is reported to have gotten some satisfaction out of this time but Molin was left outraged at Fund's parting comment, which was reported as, "You got to swallow."  This and what then transpired are indicators of the depth of Molin's anger. Carol contacted the Wall Street Journal and discussed what she had experienced with others.  

In California, Manny Klausner, an attorney who was also a founding partner in Reason Magazine, also heard about what had gone on.  

That was a different world.  Women who felt they had been wrongly treated were often disparaged.  This was the case with Molin.  The world was not ready for women who stood up for themselves.  Unfortunately, Molin also caused harm to another woman and did so without revealing her past history with Fund.  Instead, she called Melinda and told her Fund would abuse her daughter; and Morgan should leave John's apartment immediately.  

Since this was something Melinda was worried about, Melinda took this very seriously.  On that one call Melinda sharing information on Morgan's situation with Molin, who had presented herself as a counselor for abused women.  

Molin then called Fund to tell him what she had found out.  This resulted in another beating for Morgan.  

Molin told Melinda her profession was counseling battered women.  When Melinda tried to call her back, using the number Molin, herself, had provided, Molin accused her of stalking.  Melinda never tried to contact her again, but decided the story needed to be told.   Carol Molin had made a choice which endangered another woman.  This was incomprehensible to Melinda; because it appeared Molin still wanted a relationship with Fund.   This still puzzles Melinda.

Molin lived in Clinton, NY and died at age 57.