Lloyd Grove
Grove, who was then at the Washington Post, wrote an article which drew on John Connelly's article, published the year before at WeaselSearch titled, "Sex, Lies & The Tape - The John Fund Story."  

Grove contacted me and asked for a photo of Morgan, which I provided.  But Morgan kicked up a horrible fuss because it was attributed as provided by her.  Morgan kicking up a fuss was exhausting.   I think this is the one I sent.  

The Grove article, published January 17, 2002, was titled, The Reliable Source. 

The article quotes Fund as denying Morgan and he were intended to be married.  Although totally unthrilled about the potential union I did what needed to be done, which was to give John the chance to show he could tell the truth.  Initially, it was a relief when Morgan finally agreed to leave.  But John moved in with her in Manhattan, which was not at all what I hoped would happen.  But this was before I realized Morgan was never going to get a job - and despite all of the ugliness it was a relief not to have Fund in the family.  It was even nicer when we no longer had Morgan in the family.