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​Welcome! is working to expose the deviant and hypocritical behavior of ruthless people, hence our subtitle, What to do about them.

We really mean it. We are going to use all of those underutilized methods for reprogramming Bad Guys; social ostracism, ridicule, exposure, and making their names the equivalent for unsavory practices. And we are going to have fun doing it. Just so you know.

We want these bad guys to have an opportunity to reform themselves and Do The Right Thing,what ever

that is in their particular case. And we are going to watch them squirm in the mean time.

If you have had or are having a problem with a Bad Guy, let us know. There is lots of creativity here to go around. It can even circumnavigate John Fund so you know we have a large supply.

Here's looking at you!

The Civility Engineers

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"In my continuing quest for justice and the good old practice of
shaming the parasites we have in positions of power today, I will
be turning my attention to one of the most pompous self-
promoting ass holes to walk the face
of the earth...Mr. David Horowitz! 

That will be later this month, but to
tide you over, please enjoy a little
tape I have entitled,

"A day in The Life of Fund's
Answering Machine"

From: Johnson, Richard 
To: Morgan Pillsbury 
Sent: 9/25/2002 12:50:14 PM 
morgan -- i feel sorry for john fund,
more than i feel sorry for you. this is 
a pathetic plea for attention. he's 
suffered enough. – rj

My Very Dear Richard,

What an amazing leap of self delusion and self-service. You must forgive 
me if I take a moment to gather my strength before responding to your
incisive analysis and always ready wit.