Anne Fisher
Anne Fisher did not provide me with her name when she first contacted me in 2003.  Craig provided her with my contact information and I honestly answered all of the questions she asked about Craig.  She did not immediately tell me it had been her who Craig tasked to harass my son, Justin.  At Craig's request, she had called Justin, then 12, over and over again in attempts to get him to talk to Craig.  Craig had told her I was not letting them talk.  This was a lie.  Craig and I never discussed the matter.  In fact, we did not talk at all, then or later.   Justin had his own phone and kept hanging up on Craig, so Craig had Anne do the calling.

I have the full correspondence and will provide it for litigation, if necessary. 

She did not mention the issue of Craig's having denied Justin was his biological son. I did not tell Justin this had taken place, either.  It seemed wrong to me to tell him. I was worried about him because he had been deeply depressed until I tried a camp for him, which seemed to pull him out of this - until the divorce started.  Then, his school attendance and participation in outside activities again ceased.   

This was one of Craig's first actions, undertaken by his attorney, Jacqueline Misho, during our divorce, denying he was the father, through adoption, of my children.  Craig's Wills

In 2009 it was Anne to informed me Jonathan Scott Franklin had been arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his wife.  She was also the source for Craig's first reaction to this news, "That was stupid, they always suspect the husband first."  This was when we started talking on the phone.  Anne had been through, I think, two rounds of being financially destroyed and made homeless by Craig at that point.  

My long contact with her persuaded me she is a good person who tried to do the right thing.  Like all of us, somethings she fails, but she tried.  She is also lovely, kind, and trying to be a positive change agent in our world today.  Her work with gentle massage for the elderly is a practice which should be more widely used.  

Anne sent me two Time Lines on her relationship with Craig and two warnings of Craig's intention to hire a hitman to kill me. 

The Two Time Lines are heart-rending recitations of what a psychopathic individual can do to a woman who is emotionally normal.  Anne had already been through a bad marriage, the problems caused by her husband's ugly behavior.  This is another form of abuse as bad or worse, than we have seen through the #MeToo! Movement and adds urgency to the need to confront those who use power to influence our courts, our legal system, and others to ignore the clear crimes being committed.  

Threats to Kill Melinda

Anne does not need to worry about Morgan, she is also a psychopath and as so is part of the problem.  I have been warned multiple times that Craig and his co-conspirators are looking into the possibilities of directly killing me.  But killing me has always been only a final, desperate risk for this cabal of co-conspirators, who, due to the federal statues on criminal conspiracy are all equally liable for these actions,   These individuals include, (I add more as my research extends Jacqueline Misho, Thomas Anderle, Dan O'Dowd, Amy Chang O'Dowd, Jonathan Scott Franklin, Michael Emerling Cloud, David Chandler, Robert Hull, David Kleidermacher, Jeffrey Hazarian, Christopher Smith,Tim Reed, Jason Isaacs, John Douglas, Jay E. Gell, Morgan Gell, The estate of Robert E. Hughes, III, Alexander 13th Duke of Manchester, Laura, Duchess of Manchester, Raye Smith, John Fund, Eric Alterman, Wendy McElroy, Edward Black, The Nation Magazine, Fox News, Craig Franklin, George W. Bush, and Richard Cheney.

I update my To Whom It May Concern Letter, listing these individuals and the unlikelihood any accident can be viewed as such each week.  This is never stored or written on my main computer, but on the secondary.  Copies of it are timed to appear on each site when I fail to sign in for 48 hours but this can happen faster because three people have access for this purpose.  None of them are otherwise associated with me.  Learned that lesson!