​Robert Hare had done the definitive work on the condition.  His PCL-R Index is used by professionals and law enforcement around the world to identify individuals with the condition.   However, this is a field where the condition, now coming into broader understanding, is rapidly gaining attention.   Check back, as this list is growing. 

The Hare Index must be used by qualified professionals to be reliable.  

Robert Hare's Web Site devoted to the study of Psychopathy

   University of British Columbia - Psychology

   Carleton University - Forensic Psychology

  Dr. Adelle Forth

 Dr. Ralph Serin

   Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science - Clinical Psychology

   Dr. David Kosson

   Simon Fraser University - Psychology

   University of British Columbia Okanagan - Psychology

  Dr. Steven Porter - Forensic Psychology

  Dr. Michael Woodworth - Psychology

    University of Minnesota - Psychology

   University of North Texas - Psychology

   Dr. Craig Neumann - Development, Structure, and Correlates of Psychopathic Traits

   University of Wisconsin-Madison - Psychology

   Dr. Joseph Newman

Resources for understanding the condition of psychopathy, also known as sociopathy, and articles and resources to enable recovery from contact with individuals who are psychopathic.  
Resources to aid in recovery from the trauma of contact with psychopathic individuals. 

Aftermath - Surviving Psychopathy - Professionals involved as mentors, many additional resources.  

Love Fraud - A survivors site providing excellent information and peer support for those in the recovery process.  Sign up for newsletter.

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