Timothy Buynak, Esq.
Stephen Timothy Buynak Jr - California Bar No. 44932, provided Dan O'Dowd with what he wanted.  For this, he was compensated very well.  This included a series of frauds perpetuated against Melinda and close association with the attorney who was handling Craig's interests for the divorce from Melinda.  Jacqueline Misho, Craig's attorney, is the most despised lawyer in Santa Barbara.  

Santa Barbara is a small, tightly net law community.  Attorneys and judges know each other well, and they know how to profit from their practices.  

The Buynak Foundation
Now, for a moment let us consider the 'Not-for-Profit" foundation Tim started in September of 2008.  There it is, sitting there bare naked and empty.  A casual glance at this, and Tim and Dan's activities from 2008 until now bear investigation, which is not in process.  

The Buynak Foundation operates out of Tim's office, 820 State Street, Fourth Floor, Santa Barbara CA 93101.  Dan did the same thing with his "Not-for-Profit," Fallen Heroes Last Wish Foundation.

The information below is directly available for viewing from NonProfitFacts.  If you are getting ready for the pay-off you need a bag to hold it.  Professionals generally have several options.  Research continues.