Craig Franklin
Double and Triple Dealing
Normal for Psychopaths

Morgan thought she and Craig had a deal. She would help him ensure her mother died and he would continue to pay out $5,000 a month, at least until she snagged a wealthy husband.  But that was never Craig's plan.  

Craig's real satisfaction was to get a woman to trust and depend on him so he could rape her, destroy her financially and physically, and leave her on the street to starve.  

He did this to one of his girl friends twice and found the experience much better than sex.  

Destroying Morgan he could do over and over again, as she was credulous and greedy at one time as well as being entirely incapable of supporting herself.  But not psychopaths are like that.  

Here are two documents of Morgans.

The first is the infamous deposition which she gave to support the law suit she had persuaded Melinda to file against GHS, Craig and others who had conspired to steal her blind and leave her destitute. 


Notice how concerned Morgan is when Craig batters Melinda into unconsciousness.  Notice how Craig batters Melinda, who is handling the mess he has made of their finances.  Melinda now realizes this was intentional and the timing coincided with his entry into the conspiracy with Dan O'Dowd which would have made it possible to dump Melinda leaving her destitute even earlier.  

Craig sent this uncertified Deposition to John Fund in support of the ongoing effort to help him evade the charges of domestic violence which Cheney had demanded be made to go away.  "Do whatever is necessary," said the Vice President of the United States then focused on using the carefully planned 9/11 event to good effect by invading Iraq to assist his friends in Big Oil.  


Morgan got a hint of what she was in for when Craig called her up and demanded she meet him at his attorney's office.  Morgan had found Jacqueline Misho for Craig to do the dirty to Melinda during their divorce.  Although Misho did not participate on the calls with the Conspirators out to kill Melinda and Arthur, it was clear she was providing ugly and disgusting ideas for them to work on.  

On this visit Morgan was asked by Misho to sign stating she had never had sex with Craig.  Craig would not have asked this, and I know the creep, if this had not taken place.  He knew the reaction his father would have - and his father, Dr. Carl Franklin, had not wanted any of this kids to have sex before they were married, let alone commit incest.  Dr. Franklin was then being persuaded to loan GHS $1M out of what Craig would inherit from him.  But it had to be paid back.  GHS was desperate for money and this loan would not be enough to solve the problem, but it would help.  

So Craig needed to ensure this would not happen.  Morgan refused.  Craig, seeking other leverage, then forced her to sign a fraudulent loan document stating the money, $5,000 a month, which was payment for services rendered, was actually a loan.  But what kind of loan become so only after the money is paid and spent?  

The document was written when Morgan was both angry and being truthful, a rare occurrence.  
The Telegraph
Craig Franklin Bids for Senate Seat
Explains Libertarians' Political Ideology
October 23, 1978 by Kathie Neff

Craig kept trying to position himself so women would flock to him and he could destroy them.  His sexual fantasies were about destroying women, which he would have done to Ayn Rand, if she had not had her attorney write him with legal threats if he kept stalking her. 

He had no use for sons.  His incest fantasies were only about little girls.  So his sons were out of luck - unless they happened to have daughters, which Jonathan Scott had.  

Craig's first action after finding out Jonathan Scott had been arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his wife, Kathy, was to exclaim, "That was stupid, they always suspect the wife first."  

Craig had investigated this question as he and his cadre of conspiring creeps, Morgan Pillsbury, Dan O'Dowd, Jonathan Scott, and Michael Emerling, considered ways to dispose of Melinda in 1998.