Darlene Rae Smith aka
                 Rayelan, Princess of Obergon

Claims RA makes for which there is no third party documentation:

Rayelan claims she is actually the Arch-Duchess of Austria because of her seven year marriage to Gunther Russbacher. About Russbacher
Experts in the inherited lines of Austrian aristocracy found this claim without merit. 

Rayelan claims her father, who was associated with the CIA or other covert government organization, took her to Austria when she was around nine years of age to arrange for her to marry the son of a highly placed member of the aristocracy, Gunther Russbacher, her third husband.
Rayelan provides no proof her ancestry makes any such arranged marriage even remotely likely, if such marriages actually were then being arranged by families covertly engaged in a centuries long breeding program, as Rayelan claims.  

Rayelan claims she was subjected to mind control by the CIA, as was her oldest brother.  
While it is very true children were used in programs by the CIA, only one example being the infamous MK-Ultra experiments, Rayelan provides no proof by any family member this was the case or that she was not a student in local schools to the family's place of residence for the entire time of her childhood. But her claims are persistent and the place where she says this happened is named as one used for these purposes. 

Rayelan claims she was paid to snitch on fellow employees who were small time users of pot while she was working as a shoe saleswoman in her early 20s.
Many people engaged in this kind of activity for profit, and Rayelan did not deny she was paid to do so. She showed no shame for having done so, in this way violating the trust of people who, presumably, viewed her as a trusted friend. Rayelan's expressed pride in this supposed activity raises other questions about her values. 

Rayelan claims she was paid by the same covert government operation to begin a sexual relationship with a Mexican drug lord and report on his activities. She then claims she was going to marry him and was shocked when he was murdered. 
Again, Rayelan showed no grief or regret for having been paid to engage in this activity, which, presumably, an emotionally normal person would experience if they were considering marriage.  

Rayelan claims she was trained for, and took part in, a special operation during the Vietnam Conflict to extract Russbacher from Laos. She claims she was told the subject for the removal was her fiance, who she believed had died there in combat. She reports falling out of a helicopter and being rescued herself. 
No explanation as to why she would have served any potentially useful function in such an operation is forthcoming. 

More On Rayelan's personal history, from her own report 
Darlene Smith, the name it would appear Raye Smith stopped using, appears at this link. The link reads: http://www.mylife.com/raelon3967e Raelon is an unusual spelling and one which Darlene has used. It also appears in her autobiographical tome, “The Obergon Chronicles – Earth's Hidden History, New Age Channels, Mind Control, Extraterrestrials and the New World Order.”

Darlene claims in Obergon Chronicles to have lived many lifetimes with Gunther, who in their first life time together was Atalon. She was Raelon, and it was a romance which was to continue for millions of years, down to this life, where he told her she was too fat, divorced her, and ran off with her best friend. 

Never small minded, this does not prevent Rayelan from continuing to use his name when it suits her, or claiming to still be married to him and so she claims to be the Arch-Duchess of Austria. 

This is from the beginning of the romance in Obergon Chronicles, available to read free online.

The book reads like a mix of a badly written bodice ripper crossed with L. Ron Hubbard.

Rayelan told me, only after I arrived in Ohio, I was her sister, Shalma, in this life. She was very insistent on this, which was somewhat off-putting after I read only the first few pages of Obergon Chronicles.

She may say this to all her victims.