The original Ruthless People site, started in 2002, was the work of Morgan's mother, an ill-considered attempt to protect the 30ish woman from herself.  Morgan supplied what she remembered, which her mother  learned to research before publishing.  

As it turns out, Morgan is, herself, a psychopath.  This revelation explained much about the constant chaos which plagued the  family from the time Morgan returned to live with Melinda and her other children in 1985, having been ejected, for ample cause, from the home of her aunt, Anne Pillsbury Gripp, in Santa Barbara.  

No one in the family has anything to do with Morgan because her constant demands and ugly behavior caused her to be disowned.  The last hold out was her ever-suffering mother, who finally wised up.   

Morgan was battered by John Fund.  She was deceived.  She probably deserved everything she got and a lot she has not yet gotten.