Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney had wielded more power as Vice President than any other VP in our history.  This power was ceded to him by George W. Bush, who is therefore accountable for the misuse of power specifically accorded to him, as President.   Cheney used this power to stage the Pearl Harbor event of September 11, 2001, Invade Iraq, begin the use of Attack Drones to kill people who were entirely innocent and violate the rights of individuals and the sovereignty of other nations.  Today, 55% of the US Airforce is composed of Attack Drones, which commit murders every day. 

 This change over continued under President Obama.  There is no line of reasoning which makes this a partisan issue.  

Cheney, as head of the NeoCon Cabal, used the Disinformation Mnions already in place as he moved up the chain of power.  John Fund was one of these Minions, performing under cover of being a journalist.  In the hierarchy of power Cheney was second tier, providing the interface of control between government and the Elites.  Fund was, and remains, a second Tier Minion.  

Evidence of this relationship is available at September 11, 2001