John B. Douglas, III
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John was a consultant for GHS in 1998, eventually 'working' for them from Massachusetts.  I did not learn of his existence and look over the time line as it relates to the conspiracy going on at GHS until around 2012. 

It was not research on my part, however, an anonymous person sent me the police report.  I followed up and realized all was not right with John B. Douglas.  Then I realized this was because he fit in so well with the corporate culture of GHS.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Foxboro man in kilt charged with open and gross lewdness in Taunton

From: Taunton Daily Gazette 

COMMENT -The number two man on Green Hills Software's Management Team fell foul of the law in Taunton, MA on April 17th, 2013. The article below appeared in the local paper. Jack Douglas gave his address on the POLICE REPORT as 479 South St., Foxboro, MA and not Santa Barbara, where he is actually employed.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
A History of Clan Douglas
From: Scot Clans 

COMMENT - For our new readers the ongoing commentary regarding Scotland and the history of the clans stems from the recent arrest of John B. Douglas, III, a senior vice-president for Green Hills Software, Inc., our model drone contracting corporation, for indecent exposure. The incident took place in Taunton, MA on April 17th between an Olive Garden Restaurant and a Dunkin Donuts. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013
The Ethics of a Drone Contractor - Green Hills Software, Inc.

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

A continuing series of articles written for publication on Drone Free Zone in cooperation with PsychoBusters, a coordinated project carried out to awaken the public to the reality of those presently providing contracting services and products to the military and governmental agencies. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

How a Transparent World Protects us

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Drone Contractor caught exposing himself in Taunton, MA, two days after Boston Marathon Explosion near Boston

John B. (Jack) Douglas, an attorney and author of the long touted, “Reebok Rules,” famously filled with advice on how to make it as a corporate counsel, caught in 'the act,' told the off-duty officer what he was doing was a family tradition. Officer McGowan did not find the argument compelling. MORE?

Comment - I was asked about evidence for the statements made in the article.

 Legal papers, depositions, affidavits, declarations, wills, and other proof are available at: Just the Evidence and Ruthless People.

John B. Douglas, III Police Report I received the report from an anonymous source. Checked it with the local police who pointed out the article in the paper, which included the date for the pre-trial.  

Foxboro man in kilt charged with open and gross lewdness in Taunton

For legal papers relating to Dan O'Dowd and Craig Franklin go to Supplemental Declaration - Exhibits and Green Hills Software, Inc. As you read through the affidavits, declarations, and transcript you will see he could not keep his mouth shut. Morgan found he had to talk to her about what was going on several times a day.  

Anne Fisher, Craig's former girl friend, sent me emails, documents she prepared for her attorney, and other material. In addition, we talked very frequently over a period of at least two years as she shared her story and observations. These included her still ongoing relationship with Craig, which she had a hard time ending because he would not stop calling her. MORE?

Friday, April 26, 2013
NEWS RELEASE AND COMMENT - Military and AeroSpace makes an exciting announcement about Green Hills Software

From:  Military and AeroSpace Electronics

COMMENT - As story lines continue to converge and events in Boston promise ever more profits to the drone industry, also does the count down to the June 7th pre-trial hearing of corporate legal savant Jack Douglas, is is Vice-President of Green Hills Software, begin.  

Douglas is facing charges of lewdness, Open and Gross, c272 S16 (272/16) in Taunton District Court. Please let us know if you can be there to report in person on what takes place.

Comment - Again, money and power can defect accountability.  But this is going to change. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
John B. Douglas, Some background in the legal profession
From:  Kempton

COMMENT - Reebok Rules is the article which defined a different role for corporate attorneys, written by John B. Douglas,III, then Vice President and General Counsel of Reebok International, 1992.  

Reebok Rules (A valuable lesson from 1992)
Thanks to Sun Microsystems’ General Counsel Mike Dillon, I have a chance to read the insightful “Reebok Rules” by John B. Douglas,III (who was Vice President and General Counsel of Reebok International in 1992 when he wrote this). Even these rules were written for in-house counsels in mind, I think many of these rules are so insightful that they are a great read for entrepreneurs too. I have excerpted seven of them here, MORE?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

John B. Douglas - The Rebock Guy who found a home at Green Hills Software, Inc.

Who are these people who are willing to make money by destroying the lives of other people? They do it with drone technologies, with military tech, and in their offices.  

Jack Douglas is an example of one of these fellows. Why was he at GHS as a consultant at the time Dan was plotting against the partner, Glenn Hightower, who make it possible for Little Dan to have a shot at real success?  

What is it like working at a company where the Senior Vice President routinely takes women into his office to rape? What can you say about a president of such a company who orders that the women be paid to just go away - or destroyed? These are the conditions which existed at GHS when Jack showed up.