Gail Heriot 
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Gail Heriot began a sexual relationship with John Fund at a time when Morgan was reporting being battered and filing Police Reports.  At the time, Morgan was living with Fund at his apartment in Jersey City.   Failing to look at all of the evidence available, Heriot appears to have acted as an advocate for Fund while presenting herself as an officer of the court.  The Libelous Letter includes her assertions which ignore the existence of the Tape, which proved Fund had impregnated Morgan and then urged her, despite his supposed Pro-Life stance, to have an abortion.  Fund lied to Morgan's mother, ignoring their years of supposed friendship.  Fund then used every means at his commend to evade charges of domestic violence.  

Gail had the website put up for John in 2003 and may have been involved in intimidating Melinda's webmaster into taking down the first RuthlessPeople site put up to defend Morgan from untrue charges.  

This is not to say Morgan did not do things which were entirely inappropriate, she did and her mother attested to this.  But lying to her to get services for cleaning his apartment and office and torturing and abusing Morgan were insupportable by any rational and just person.  

Heriot made no attempt to ascertain the truth.  She should have her bar card pulled.   

Gail Heriot is a Professor of Law at the University of San Diego. Among her areas of expertise are civil rights, employment law, product liability, remedies and torts. Her work has appeared in legal journals like the Michigan Law Review, the Virginia Law Review and the Harvard Journal on Legislation. She also frequently writes for popular newspapers and magazines, including the Wall Street Journal, the National Review, the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union Tribune. She is the editor and an author of a forthcoming anthology of essays entitled, "California Dreaming: Race, Gender, Proposition 209 and the Principle of Non-Discrimination."

Too bad she is not as smart as her credentials would have you believe.