John Connolly
Why are all these writers at the Daily Beast?  "John Connolly is a former New York City detective turned journalist. He is a contributing editor for Vanity Fair magazine, and is currently finishing a book called The Sin Eater on disgraced and imprisoned Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano."  

From a Chronology dictated to Melinda by Morgan - John Connolly received a copy of this on September 4, 2018.

July 2001 
Morgan started talking to Connolly as a way of venting and emotionally deal with the fact she continued to catch John in lies. He came home later one night and told her he had been working late and then Morgan found a receipt for an opera. When confronted, John told her that it was a kiss-butt session with people in investments at the WSJ. It was in fact, a date with Laura Brightson, who works at Windstar. Another coincident: an old friend of Morgan’s owns the company where she works. Other similar incidents followed and may be documented.  
     Morgan begins opening up more and more to Connolly. She starts believing him and not believing John. In June Connolly suggests she cooperate with the article. He knows what the relationship is with Fund. He asks Morgan to call him regularly to ensure that she is alright. John Connolly asserts the belief that John Fund could become violent.  
Morgan is told stories about John by Marta Hummel, Mark Smith and Lea Dudley. The stories reflect similar patterns of observed behavior on John’s part even though the individuals do not know of each other.  
    Morgan starts to be enveloped with the hurt, the pain and the lies. She cannot stop thinking about the baby she aborted. She now knows from Lea that John was having sex with her while she, Morgan, was aborting their baby. He is also taking yet another woman on vacation while Morgan is pregnant. 
Morgan wants John to suffer. She starts to be very angry while still wanting to believe in John.  
  John was very nervous after he heard Connolly was sniffing around. He asked Morgan for to keep him briefed. He knew Morgan was talking to Connolly. He gave Morgan a tape recorder to tape Connolly the same week that Connolly gave her a similar tape recorder. Morgan thinks it was a Sony.  
    The briefings begin. Briefings had happened before but they became much more serious now.  
   They took place on the phone. He would call up and ask if Morgan had heard anything. Morgan would lie to him to breed his paranoia. Morgan was seething over the other women in John’s life. One incident took place over a dinner with another woman at the Firebird Restaurant. This is where he had taken Morgan on their first date before they slept together the first time. It seems that he took most women there on the first date. Morgan decided to use what she knew. She started doing to him what he had been doing to her.  
  This involved what John called ‘bluffing” This was to make up a lie and see if the story would appear with other people. He told her he needed to protect himself and that this was a way of seeing if she was reliable.  
   Some of the ‘bluffs’ were cover-ups on his sexual escapades. Others were of a very different type. 

Documents and other links 

January 25, 1999 - Note to attorney on disappearance of Franklin's Will. 

March 8, 1999 - MORGAN - Record of Abortion
  The abortion took place March 8, 1999 at Pacifica Women's Health Care in
  Los Angeles 

March 1999 - “Ayn Declaration, 1999
  Declaration by Melinda's daughter, Ayn, which includes testimony of abuse of Melinda by Franklin.

June 1999 -  Declaration by Doug Greene 
  Declaration itemizes lies told to Doug by Morgan. 

September, 1999 -  The Weasel Search Tape is made. Morgan sends it to Melinda for safe 
  Melinda was not speaking to Morgan because she had discovered Morgan was being paid $5,000 a month to slander and libel her by 

  Morgan left California supposedly to work for Matthew Earl Jones in New York. She told Melinda this did not work out but there is no evidence this was ever true. The evidence leads to the conclusion Morgan was having sex with Craig by September of 1998 after Eugene  dumped her and she lost her other value to Craig. In NY she began a sexual relationship with John Fund. This was known to Craig because Morgan was occupying another room from Craig's and Fund answered 

  By report from Morgan, the two men agree to cooperate to destroy Melinda's credibility. Subsequent events support this partial 

July 2001 - Morgan moves in with John at his apartment in Jersey City. Against advice and objections from Melinda Morgan makes the Tape she made to prove to Melinda she was not lying, again, to John Connelly, who uses the contents to validate statements made in his article, published 

September 4, 2001 on Weasel Search, titled, "Sex, Lies, and the Tape: The John Fund Story"

September 2001 - Carol Divine Molin - A Republican Woman Activist.  
  Molin calls Melinda to tell her Morgan is in grave danger if she stays with Fund. We later discover she has a very brief fling with Fund and wants 

September 4, 2001 - The WeaselSearch Tape is published along with the article Fund attempted to block. Instead of appearing in Talk Magazine it appears only online at a site called WeaselSearch. Later, it will be hosted at AmericanPoliticalJournal until 2018.  

November 12, 2001 - Charges of domestic violence in Jersey City, 2001

November 16, 2001 - Legal Correspondence and Expense, Talk Magazine