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The Original Co-conspirators for
"Throw Momma from the Train"
Dan O'Dowd                                            Jeffry Hazarian                               David Kleidermacher                                   Craig Franklin
      David Chandler                                           Jack Douglas                                                    Robert Hull
In 1997 Dan O'Dowd had been considering his options for taking control of Green Hills Software, Inc. for years.  He and his wife, Amy Chang, were both hunger for money, power, and fame.  

Over the years, Craig Franklin had come home with juicy gossip about Dan and Amy.  Among other revelations, Melinda had heard O'Dowd was raised by his two psychologist parents, in a Skinner Box, and that Amy was raised in a refugee camp under stark conditions.  This included receiving with celebration for a birthday one egg.   Both had been left with driving ambition not matched by the ability to accomplish their chosen goals.  

Craig Franklin, who O'Dowd would learn can not keep his drive for deviate sex and gossiping under control,  cost the company multiple times for his assaults on women.  But Dan thought it was worth what it cost him.  

And continuous assaults on Melinda, the discarded wife, and her family, oh well, shit happens, right?  Make a note, do not leave anyone you care about with Dan.  He will likely sell them into slavery.  We are sure his parents did now realize what the impact of the Skinner Box would be.  

Below find the clever strategy Dan and Craig carried out to obtain their fondest fantasies.  

They chuckled, calling it, 

"""Throw Momma From the Train"
You can get to know Melinda's opposite number, Dan's defrauded  partner, Glenn Hightower, too.