Matt Drudge
Matt's interests did not include politics.  But he was very useful to John Fund because the Drudge Report provided a perfect place to publish articles Fund's nominal employers at the Wall Street Journal refused to place in their publication.  Manny Klausner, a fellow disinformation minion of Fund's had stated this baldly, but honestly, in his deposition on the Sidney Blumenthal vs. Drudge Report case in early 2001.  Morgan sent me this one page.  

Drudge was useful to Fund.  The Drudge Report launched in 1995.  Fund and Drudge met, introduced by Manny Klausner, Drudge's attorney, at a libertarian event in 1993.  Morgan said Fund was terrified Blumenthal would find out he, Fund, had lied on his deposition.  Fund was drunk when he called Morgan on May 1st to tell her Blumenthal had dropped the suit.  Nice timing all the way around.