Jacqueline Misho
To the left here you see Jacqueline Misho, California Bar Number 101112, as she is awarded two bottles of wine for:  Jacqueline Misho- winner Longest Drive in an event hosted by the Santa Barbara County Bar Association.  

Misho actually refused a further case from Craig Franklin  during a phone call.  Craig, then having lunch with Justin, the son he denied was his to evade paying support, at the advice of Misho, was sitting with Craig and heard the exchange.  

The case was to be for unsupervised visitation for Craig with his granddaughter, then eight years old.  Craig's son, Jonathan Scott Franklin, was in jail at the time, having been arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his wife, Kathy.  Fortunately for Kathy, the hitman was an undercover cop.

Misho and Craig had a professional, but warm relationship and shared multiple plots for doctoring, removing, and destroying evidence and increasing the stress on Melinda's heart.  She had recently suffered two heart attacks.  

One instance of this was the removal of records from the family home before Melinda was aware a divorce was planned.  The records removed included the current Last Will and Testament for Craig Franklin, an update on the original, signed and witnessed on June 26, 1989.  In the will Craig adopted Melinda's five children as his children and natural heirs.  

Craig had negotiated with Melinda's former husband, Ronald Edward Kellett (Foster), to become the children's father.  Ron agreed and signed a notarized document giving up his parental rights on June 21, 1989.  From the time of the original signing on Craig presented all five of the children as his own.  Stealing the document took place to evade the law and was suggested by Misho to Craig.  Morgan Pillsbury opened the door for Misho, by her statement, and watched as she rifled through Melinda's personal papers.  

Melinda's death would have cleared multiple problems for Craig and his annoyance at her unwillingness to cooperate with his plans resulted in his taking direct action to solve the problem.  The idea of having Melinda killed persisted.  In 2009 Craig wrote an email to a former girl friend, Anne Fisher, telling her he was considering hiring a hitman to kill Melinda.