To the left here you see Jacqueline Misho, California Bar Number 101112, as she is awarded two bottles of wine for:  Jacqueline Misho- winner Longest Drive in an event hosted by the Santa Barbara County Bar Association.  

Misho actually refused a further case from Craig Franklin  during a phone call.  Craig, then having lunch with Justin, his adopted son. Craig insisted on adopting all of Melinda's children when they married for the second time in 1989, their first wedding was in 1987.  Craig, who had been raised by Dr. Carl Franklin, an attorney and double vice-president of the University of Southern California, had learned everything about law, corporate, family, and criminal, over the dinner table during his childhood. 

Adoption by naming children in a legal will was binding. Therefore, the wills had to be eliminated.  Morgan Pillsbury testified in her deposition on January 2001, that she, Morgan, had admitted Misho to the family home in Santa Barbara for the purpose of going through all of Melinda's documents.  During this process Misho removed the second will, which was identical to the first with the exception of removing a debt to be paid to Craig's younger brother, Sterling, which had been paid off.  

Misho also went through Melinda's computer and removed and copied material there.  Melinda four the original 1989 will while packing to move out of the house in Santa Barbara in late 1999.  

Craig had her do this to evade paying support for Arthur Foster, who with the other four children, Morgan, Dawn, Ayn, and Justin, he had adopted at the same time.  

Melinda found the original 1989 will in a graphics book where she had used it for paste-down graphics work.

The case Craig wanted Misho to take during the call above, overheard by Justin, was to be for unsupervised visitation for Craig with his granddaughter, then eight years old.  Craig's son, Jonathan Scott Franklin, was in jail at the time, having been arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his wife, Kathy.  Fortunately for Kathy, the hitman Scott hired, was an undercover cop.

Misho and Craig had a professional, but warm relationship and shared multiple plots for doctoring, removing, and destroying evidence and increasing the stress on Melinda's heart.  She had recently suffered two heart attacks.  To Melinda's knowledge, Misho did not participate in the conference calls carried out to plan these attacks.  Others who, by report, did participate include Michael Emerling Cloud, Jonathan Scott Franklin and Morgan Pillsbury Gell.  See LINK for how to contact Jonathan Scott Franklin

One instance of this was the removal of records from the family home before Melinda was aware a divorce was planned.  The records removed included the current Last Will and Testament for Craig Franklin, an update on the original, signed and witnessed on June 26, 1989.  In the will Craig adopted Melinda's five children as his children and natural heirs.  

Melinda learned this from Morgan Pillsbury, her natural daughter, who had been adopted by her parents, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury and Mary Alice Reasoner Pillsbury when Morgan, then legally Carolyn Anne Foster, was 12.  Morgan's biological father, Richard Lee Barteaux, appears to have been highly psychopathic.  He never held a job except as provided by his parents, was dishonorably discharged from the military on December 14, 1981 - Dishonorable Discharge from the Army.  File Barteaux died  of Acute Esophageal Varices on May 8, 1993 and had suffered from severe Cirrhosis of the Liver for years.  Death Certificate 

Barteaux was also physically violent and battered his first wife, Melinda and, by her report his third wife, Belinda.  

Morgan accepted money from Craig, $5,000 a month to libel and slander Melinda to her friends and associates starting in late 1997.  Morgan, tasked by Craig to find the nastiest attorney in Santa Barbara for the divorce he was planning against Melinda, found Jacqueline Misho.  

In March of 1998 Morgan was paid $10,000 to persuade her mother, Melinda, to turn off her brother Arthur's life-support.  Arthur had shot himself through the brain after being emotionally abused by his adopted father, Craig.  Craig had lied to Melinda to gain access to Arthur, who was then emotionally fragile in the recent aftermath of a first brain injury which took place during a motorcycle accident on September 27, 1997.

Craig had negotiated with Melinda's former husband, Ronald Edward Kellett (Foster), to become the children's father.  Ron agreed and signed a notarized document giving up his parental rights on June 21, 1989.  From the time of the original signing on Craig presented all five of the children as his own.  Stealing the document took place to evade the law and was suggested by Misho to Craig, according to Morgan who was at the time a confidante aiding Craig in the divorce.  Morgan Pillsbury reported later to Melinda she had opened the door for Misho, by her statement, and watched as Misho rifled through Melinda's personal papers.  

Many items were  taken and were never returned.  

Melinda's death would have cleared multiple problems for Craig and his annoyance at her unwillingness to cooperate with his plans resulted in his taking direct action to solve the problem.  The idea of having Melinda killed persisted.  In 2009 Craig wrote an email to a former girl friend, Anne Fisher, telling her he was considering hiring a hitman to kill Melinda.  

But killing Melinda was also the goal during the divorce, orchestrated by Misho.  Since Craig oozed information like a broken bottle it is highly likely Misho knew about this.  Craig had regular conference calls with Morgan, his son from his first marriage, Jonathan Scott Franklin and the always eager for pay in any way possible - Michael Emerling Cloud.  

You can correspond with Scott via 'Convict Pals.'  Scott is serving time for hiring a hitman to murder his wife, Kathy.  As Craig said, could have been to Misho, upon hearing the news, "That was stupid, they always suspect the husband first!"  (What are the odds this was surprise to Misho?)

Emerling is living in Tucson.  But the LP never really wised up to the ongoing cons.  Or maybe they did and in on those schemes. 

Morgan is, again, being paid to slander Melinda.  Melinda is including her at  Read the lies on Morgan's own illiterate, repetitive site which reveals the content of her soul. or lack of same.  She really needed the benefits of making it through the 9th grade.  Too bad she dropped out.  

If you are one of the attorneys monitoring this page Melinda can be served for litigation only by email.  The correct email address is:    EMAIL

Jacqueline Misho also figures prominently in the After Divorce Comedy Tour of John Cleese as an Orc. Articles using Misho's name figured prominently in such publications as the Telegraph in the UK and elsewhere. "Opening the tour, Cleese compared his third wife's divorce lawyer, Jacqueline Misho, to one of the monstrous Orcs, from The Lord of the Rings – flashing up two suitable images on the screen behind him."   So, you see, Misho is quite a celebrity herself and may well take the role of the Orc in an upcoming Potterish Production, now in the planning stages.

Orc, Orc Orc!   Cleese tells you more on the video below.

   Jacqueline Misho