Gene Gaudette
Gene was and remains in the music industry, sort of.  To say I was surprised to discover Gene had been 'helping' with the problems I faced in 2002 understates the case.  But we move on.  Gene wanted to help Sidney Blumenthal hit John Fund because Fund and Drudge put together the scheme to embarrass Blumenthal over a false charge of domestic violence.  But Gene was paid to put up Ruthless People, though I, myself, did most of the writing which was not snarky.  

Gene could have been responsible for that.  I tried to be funnier about the situation until after the attempt to kill Morgan.  I'm pretty sure Gene, and so Blumenthal, knew about this.  But Blumenthal, who could easily have helped, did nothing but extract the information he wanted for his own purposes.  And, with the Clintons, he was in on the scheme to ensure Saddam Hussein stayed in place in Iraq so the war planned by Cheney could go forward.  

Did Gene know?  One hopes not.  This was not a partisan issue, but an issue which should have brought all of us together.  Instead, Blumenthal grabbed at the golden ring to money and power with the Clintons.  It is very sad.  

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And here is the proof Gene and Sid were using a real case of domestic violence for their own purposes.