Katherine Rosman 
                                                                   "Arm Candy Rosman"
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June 11, 2004
Letter to Elle Magazine
We had provided the interviews to Rosman a year before.

August 27, 2004
to Jennifer Bambi, legal counsel for 
Elle Magazine

NeoCon Job

Katherine Rosman is awarded a job at the 
Wall Street Journal
 in late 2004 

Katherine Rosman was working at Elle Magazine when she contacted myself and Morgan for interviews on what had happened with what we hoped was an ongoing investigation of the domestic violence charges against John Fund, reported to the police in Manhattan on February 21, 2002.  It had taken two days to persuade Morgan to file the report, both for her future protection against Fund and to obtain a restraining order so he could no longer come to her apartment, making demands and threatening her.  Rosman was provided with a copy of the restraining order and police report.  In my interview I went over the events of that day in detail.   
    We were unaware that Rosman had a close relationship with Eric Alterman, who routinely referred to Rosman by the nickname of 'Arm Candy,' taking her to events with him I later learned through online research.  If we had know this we would not have agreed to give Elle, which until that time I viewed as a supporter of women on issues which include domestic violence and other forms of abuse.  While we did not know the articles which had already appeared by Alterman were mentioned in those interviews and both myself and Morgan had rebutted the libels which had appeared there.  
    Rosman is quoted on her relationship with Alterman in Jewish World Review on April 28, 2003, in an article by "JWR contributor "Mugger" -- aka Russ Smith".  Smith is a newspaper publisher and columnist best known for founding the Baltimore City Paper, Washington City Paper and New York Press.
    The article by Smith also quotes George Gurley, a contributing writer for the New York Observer and Vanity Fair who has also written for many other publications as diverse as Playboy, Marie Claire, and The New York Times.  
   It appears Gurley asked some of Alterman's friends about the affluent champion of the underclass. Katie Rosman, a freelance writer, said: "He has shocked me with the things he's done. He'll call me and his line is, 'So, do you want to be arm candy tonight?' I'll ask him what the event is, and he won't tell me-I have to decide before. And then he's taking me to George Soros' apartment or some New Yorker party, and he introduces me to everybody. So I really admire him for that. He takes me to good parties."  
     Smith's irony in an article which is critical of both the author of "What Liberal Media?" and its author, Eric Alterman, the two 'co-authors,' Joseph S. Nye, Andrei Cherny, now apparently having removed their names from the book, provides interesting insights on the Right - Left divide as well as a commentary on Alterman.
           Rosman does not stand out as an advocate for the truth in any way.  Today, she is focusing on light fare for the Wall Street Journal.  Her own website zeros in on the travails of motherhood, real, but certainly not the writer  a serious article on the subject she knowingly undertook should have been. 

From Amazon:  About Katherine Rosman

Katherine Rosman was born in Detroit and raised in the city's suburbs. She graduated from the University of Michigan in 1994. After college, she moved briefly to Washington, D.C. where she did an undistinguished turn as a receptionist at a law firm. From there she headed to New York City and got a job as a glorified Girl Friday at Elle magazine. No one fetched low-fat grande lattes with more aplomb.

After more than two years spent making sure "chic" and "from day to night" didn't excessively appear in the magazine's table of contents, she was hired to report for a start-up magazine whose mission was to go behind-the-scenes in the world of media, Brill's Content.

By 2000, she was working as a freelance magazine and newspaper reporter and filed dispatches for publications including the New Yorker, the New York Times, The Nation, Elle and New York magazine.

Katie was hired by the Wall Street Journal in late 2004 and has been reporting on pop-culture for the paper since.

She is married and has two kids. She lives in New York.

Check out a more complete biography at katherinerosman.com.