Transcript Wendy's answering machine April 2012 
Audio Tapes 

1.Saturday, April 21st – 8:30pm

“I just wanted to let you to know that on Friday we let the District Attorney know in Orange County that the Pillsbury Doughbridge is, or cow, or troll, or whatever the governor in Montana called her, um, was alerted tha, um, the Pillsbury Doughbridge staying with you and you and, you, we also let CPS know because they're looking for her, and, ah, they also going after the birth certificate and there are 15 Laura and I and going to take her to court and we already got a lawyer doing it, dum, in front of Judge Monarch, again, um, and we are going to get custody of Ashley... 

And, you ought to, have brains supposedly and you are so fantastic on the Internet. You should do some look out on Melinda Pillsbury-Doughbridge. She is a psychopath, um, from the governor of Montana,  John Fund in, um, Washington D. C., Her family, none of her family, she can't see her grandkids, they've all 86ed her. Her husband, there are warrants for her arrest in four or five states and you're got my children around that sick cow. She can put this stuff up but there's warrants for her arrest and we've also spoken to a, uh, a TV station which has got a show, Stalkers, and they are doing next week at 2 a story about you and Melinda how you are stalking us and you can't move on and how the troll is just stalking us. And, um, she is a psychopath and if you goes to any doctor, if she goes to any psychiatrist...they will...she is afraid to go to anything because she will end up in the nut house. And say I'm crazy or whatever, great, but I probably am crazy but she is a psychopath she is wanted by the police in several states, oh, she was escorted by the state police out of Montana for stalking the governor of Montana, she was kicked out of Montana and the only reason she wasn't put in jail was because the guy felt sorry for Arthur, who Melinda has so drugged up, she, he does not know if he is coming or going and she admitted to Laura and I to having sex and that she sleeps with Arthur. 

And we've got every single conversation with her, which is many hours, all on the computer, and all of the things she has said and done is docu....cut off as the time for leaving a message ended.  

2. Sunday, April 22, 8”35am  

Wendy, I just want to let you know yesterday Laura and I spoke with Katherine Jackson and they also spoke with their attorney that disk you've got is stolen and if either Melinda or yourself try to do anything with it to make money, or anything like that, they will file a law suit against you. Um, And so you need to know that.

You also look up and see about the people in Washington D. C. who are after her and she owes, she has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from people and you should do a research on the Internet and she is going to do nothing but use you and in the end she will just plagiarize you on the internet and attempt to extort money from you. There is warrants for her from several states and from speaking to Coleman and other people they are going to adjourn federal because of her and CPS is even coming in on it because they are concerned for Arthur, and arr... because Melinda lives on Arthur's money. And, uh, CPS has spoken to the Justice Department also, or the DA in Orange County or whatever, and it is going to be federal and she is going up on a wanted list and we've been speaking all last week to a TV show about stalkers and you and to the producer who is wanting to do a story with myself, Laura, Morgan, um, John Fund another lady called Anne, and possibly Craig, her ex-husband, but there is about 15 people who are going to be doing individual interviews and be part of this show on Melinda and her stalking. She's nasty, and I'm doing you a favor by telling you this. She put the kids social security numbers and birth certificates up on line, she does things, and she has about 20 aliases, and um, um, I'm just telling you, you've got to think about this. Before you do it you can ring her up and tell her right away, she is dangerous, and she's is a criminal, and she extorts money, she stole money from a past, uh, uh, uh, campaign, for congress or senator, she stole...(answering machine runs out)

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3. Monday, April 23, 8:26pm – Melinda calls Wendy Hi and goodby 

4. April 28, 9:22am 
Wendy, it is Alex, you know, you're to tell your best friend, Melinda that we've got copies from original copies of the, um, forged documents she supplied to the judge when she was going through a divorce, and the judge, um, penalized her because they were, she had made up false documents which had never existed, and were slander and everything, we have originals of those, the social services are looking for her, there's a lot of people are looking for her, and there are warrants for her arrest, or when she comes back to California, and um, uh, ur, you know, I've given to the FBI because they have taken this stalking thing because of the false statements which were put on Huffington Post saying which I supposedly said, which had been proven did not even originate from my computer, um, the FBI has a copy of every single voice mail and every conversation I ever had with Melinda and lots of the messages I've been leaving with you, Ashley, and we are coming after you, but legally.  

I'm fed up with all this shit, Make sure you tell Melinda, the false documentation she made up and submitted to the courts and she got in, um, in trouble for by the judge, um, we have...we have a lot more than one set of documentation, things she has made up, and whatever. (garbled - Monte F Gibb?) And we are going after you. And we are going after you for the false statements you put up on Huffington Post, and it is proven it didn't even come from my computer, and we're coming after you to have you all arrested. I'm tired of you speaking negatively about me to the kids, especially Ashley being so young, and, you know, I miss her so much, she is my daughter and I miss her and I love her and care for her. I hurt like a son of a bitch. But we're coming after you both legally, Melinda's best bet is to stop slandering her children and other people and be an old lady, and she is getting a pension for being 100% blind when she is not and we don't believe she has ever done an honest day's work in her life and she is also...(answering machine gave out)