Audio Recordings 
​Included: Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester and others 
Also death threats suggested by John Fund, Craig Franklin and other NeoCon Hires
​Recordings related to the Duke of Manchester 

INTERVIEW: The Duke of Manchester, living in poverty, guest on RMNRadio, February 15, 2011, hosted by Raye Smith.


Marcus Scriven on The Duke of Manchester, Interview with Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.


Alex tells 12 year old daughter he is publishing nude photos of her mother, former wife Wendy. 2 calls


Alex leaves a creepy message for Melinda saying,'he is coming to 'see her" at her home. He says he is seeing 'their new friend" in Santa Barbara.


Alex leaves voice message threatening Raye, who Melinda discovered was being paid to ensure Melinda died.

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This is the death threat delivered by Alex Montagu Manchester on behalf of Rayelan, mentioned above.  

​The Tapes -  Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester 

Alex leaves message on Wendy's answering machine April 28, 2012.  Several messages. TRANSCRIPT INCLUDES ALL CALLS
    1.  Documents existence of a conspiracy to shut Melinda up
         and also evidence of their continued campaign to 
         destroy her ability to make a living.  Admission John 
         Fund is involved.
    2.  Documents Alex's relationship with John Fund along 
         with a multitude of incredibly ugly lies about Melinda. 
    3.   Melinda calling Wendy, Hi and Bye.  
    4.   Manchester with claims Melinda and Wendy
           orchestrated his posting on Huffington.  


May 1, 2012 -Alex has a conversation with Raye Smith, threatening Melinda Admits talking directly to John Fund TRANSCRIPT


June 7, 2013 - Alexander, now out of jail and apparently under house arrest for pointing a fire arm at two children, ages three and six, placed a call to his former wife, Wendy, and left this message.


Alex does not have his children's phone numbers because neither of them will talk to him.  


May 16, 2014 - Alexander left a long, rambling message on Wendy's answering machine at work.  He tells her he has been to the area where she lives, which, curiously enough, is also where Craig, one of his co-conspirators, is also located.  Alex then comments he has driven by her parent's homes and KNOWS WHERE THEY LIVE.  He is evidently now active because he is angry to have been ignored when his sister, Emma, died.  His birth family certainly had their reasons.