Exhibits documenting the Case of Craig Franklin, Dan O'Dowd, and Green Hills Software, Inc. 

Exhibits listed from 1 - 50 in the second part.  Others now being compiled.  
Exhibits documenting the Case of Morgan PillsburyJohn FundGail Heriot and others.

Exhibit 1 -Letter faxed to the WSJ, 1999
Exhibit 2 - Jan. 13, 2002 Email from Gail Heriot 
Exhibit 3 - May 16, 2003 Libelous Letter sent by Gail
Exhibit 4 - Dec. 2000 Pillsbury-Foster NY Phone Bill
Exhibit 5 - August 5, 2005 - Fund letter to Mark
                    Crispin Miller

- Exhibits - 
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

           September 7th - Marriage to Barteaux
           July 5th -  Birth Certificate, Carolyn Anne Kellett
        April 20th - Divorce Agreement
           June 24th -  Divorce from Barteaux 

            May 1st - Marriage to Ronald E. Kellett (AKA 
            Later the same year  -Adoption of Carolyn Anne by
                                Ron Foster 
                              Adoption of Carolyn Anne by Dr. and Mrs.  
                                  Pillsbury   Future Custody
                               Divorce from Ronald E. Foster
                               Marriage(s) to A. Craig Franklin
                              Relinquishment of Parental Rights, 
                                  Ron Foster

                               Adoption of Children of Pillsbury-Foster

         June  -   Declaration by Ayn Pillsbury
           November 28 -  Arthur Foster, Permanent Disability
           May 8th - Arthur Foster - Continued disability Letter

 - Exhibits - 
Morgan Pillsbury Gell

Sex, Lies and the Tape

  Weasel Search Tapes 
            Weasel Search Transcript 
Green Hills Software Exhibits 
Green Hills Software Settlement Agreement 

Green Hills Software - Power of Attorney - March 30, 2001