Snoopy & Cuddles are Snatched

Snoopy first came into her life a short time after I plunked down my last few dollars to buy him at a toy store in Goleta, California. At the time Snoopy was about half her height. She was four years old. So Snoopy has been a member of the family for a long time.

There is a hard place in his tummy from the time he really, really needed to be washed but the dryer did not work very well. I offered to open him up and changed the inside but the shock and horror on the small face upturned to mine stopped that idea in its tracks.

Snoopy was usually washed by hand after that. He kept place of honor on her bed while she was growing up. A few years later Snoopy was joined by Cuddles, a slightly off center mountain sheep from Pillow Pets in Porterville, California. The little guy was a second, destined for the recycling when Morgan rescued him.
These were the kidnap victims that were stuffed in the sack and transported against their will across lines of good taste.

These are the small loved ones John Fund took to hold for ransom of silence.

Morgan told me she discovered the crime when she found John sitting outside her apartment in Manhattan. He looked up at her, unzipped the bag and out popped their heads.

It was a very ugly moment.

What do you do to a bum like that?   

This is a question which now must be answered.  What do we do about psychopaths?