John has lied about our 'relationship which was not romantic except for a brief interlude.  I believed we were friends with similar goals.  This was entirely untrue.  During this period most people assumed John was gay because he had no visible love-interest.  I never thought about it as I was busy with my own life and raising four small children while continuing to be politically active and very engaged in social work in my community.  At the Convention referred to below John asked me to have my children call him Uncle John.  I did so, though this surprised me a little.  

John continued to call me regularly, especially after I was living in Santa Barbara and had joined the National Association of Federated Women there.  Ariana Huffington belonged to the same club.  John was in the habit of calling to drop scandals in my ear, including the one about Bill Clinton's black love-child, which was later recycled as McCaine's love child in 2000.  See Brown Badge of Courage.  
John is referring to the 1987 LPC Convention to which I I invited him to speak.  While there he met all of my children, including Morgan who was supposed to be overseeing her younger siblings but instead enticed them into stealing candy and other 'goodies' from the housekeeping cart for her.  At the time Morgan was around 20 and had, without our knowledge, dropped out of college and was Eddy Van Halen's steady girl friend, according to what she told me later.