Death Threats 
Death threat conveyed to Melinda, the person threatened, by Wendy Montagu.  Wendy received this voice message from Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester on August 22, 2014.  This has been reported to the FBI.  

​This message Wendy received from her former husband states he and his wife have been in contact with a woman who is threatening  to have me killed using her associates who are described on the tape  as Neo-Nazis.  

Alex says he is now living in Willoughby, California.  

I have been having an ongoing conflict with Raye Smith AKA Raye Allen, Rayelan (She uses a lot of pseudonyms).  She paid to bring me to Ohio promising a partnership in her company.  After I had worked for her for two years selling advertising while she supposedly accumulated capital she tried to evict me.  

One of the promises she had made me was housing and other expenses.   I had no funds to leave Ohio but had my attorney send her a letter demanding a settlement.  
Manchester says on the tape I am a "walking dead woman."  

He claims he has nothing to do with it.  

Wendy is not being threatened but I am.  

At this time Rayelan has an ever changing number of people living with her.  These include Jim Heath, who is always there, Angel Lee, who works for her at Rumor Mill News, and Tom, who we understand is now sleeping with Angel.  

Are all of these people part of a conspiracy.  

For more on Rayelan and her supporters, who Manchester describes as NeoNazis, see The Rayelan Report and Rumor Mill News.  

And more is coming!