More people every day are coming to the realization that the War on Iraq was sold to Americans with lies.  Saddam Hussein was in no way responsible for 9/11.  He remained what he had always been, a paid asset of the CIA, carrying out the agenda mandated by Big Oil in the Middle East.

           Sometimes the agenda of corporations kills people, results in transfers of wealth which have nothing to do with a free market, and provides livelihoods for individuals who assert one set of values while living something entirely different.   

       Along with this revelation came others.  I had started independent time lines on these Events, separate, I had thought.  Then the truth came crashing in.   I realized I had to take evasive action and also use these events to let others know the dangers when highly disordered individuals cooperate.  To be fair, some of the people cooperating are just deluded, seduced, or cooperating because they have a flawed sense of right and wrong, this impacted by any, or several, motives.     

     To make this understandable I have re-organized this site and will include articles and links to other sites, relevant to the larger story.  My story will still be told, but now I can occasionally chuckle about those events.  

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"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
                                                                                                                                                   George Orwell

​The NeoCons fed Americans a bill of goods, while raping the world for profit

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John Fund